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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) FAQs :-

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. In order to get higher ranking in search engine, web site needs to be Optimized in such a way that the web site come up in Top 10 in the search list by selecting proper keywords and meta tags.

Why is search engine positioning so important ?

Online advertising may be waning, but search engine marketing is booming. You could spend thousands of dollars on banner ads and never be sure you're reaching your target customers. But when someone visits your site from a search engine, you've got a pre-qualified prospect; they've found you using a keyword that you've chosen to describe your business. Studies have shown that 80 percent of internet users begin their web research at a major search engine.

How do you go about promoting my site ?

We promote your site through hands on hard work and smarts. We've been promoting Web sites for years now and simply put, we've gotten good at it. Using a combination of site optimization, customized submissions and professional banner ad creation and placement, we get our clients the traffic they desire.

What about Pay-Per-Click search engines? Is this a cost-effective method of advertising ?

Some search engines offer a service in which you bid for top positions on certain keywords. The most well-known search engine of this kind is The highest bidder for a chosen term ranks highest in the search engine results for this term, the next highest appears second etc. The price of the bid is charged to you whenever a user clicks on your entry.
The more you bid, the higher your listing is ranked. Often this turns into a bidding war, and drives the cost for some keywords to more than $10 per visit.
Depending on your product, how much gross profit you make from it, and what your conversion ratio is, you may be able to turn a profit. But if you are a small business owner starting out on the web, this bidding war can drive prices out of your reach, making it impossible to compete with the big companies who can afford this very expensive method of advertising.
Our service is a very cost-effective alternative to these Pay-Per-Click programs, giving you the most exposure for the least amount of money. We offer the most effective way to reach a large customer base with a relatively small cost. We do not charge you per click.
Our clients who have tried Pay-Per-Click in the past will tell you we deliver a lot more traffic at only a fraction of the cost.

Why required SEO managed professionally ?

The SEO professionals are expert in the field with proven processes at hand. They will perform every steps in the process with every detail, as a result you will receive your SEO ranking efficiently.

Why meta tags programming makes difference ?

Not any more. Today, no search engine seriously scores meta keywords. Instead, they analyze title tags, image tags, link structure, directory structure, keyword density, relevancy, prominence, and proximity, total words on a page, word repetitions, total words in specific areas, alt tags, input tags, _javascript, comment lines, domain name, directory name, filename, etc. The list goes on and on. Some engines use over 100 things to rank a page!
Plus each search engine has it's own unique way of ranking pages, so you need to fine-tune different pages to exactly match the criteria of each one. Not only do they rank sites according to different parameters, but they change their criteria on a regular basis.
As you can see, achieving and maintaining top ten ranking is not as simple as using meta tags. Without serious cutting-edge optimization techniques your site will never rise above the clutter of the millions of Web pages each major search engine holds in its index.

How to select the keywords ?

Great question. Targeting the right keywords is critical to your success. After extensive discussion and brainstorming, we will help you find the right keywords using the best keyword research tools to determine which phrases are actually being searched for by your target market.

Will keywords work for me ?

We optimize your site to rank in the top 10 of the major search engines, for your desired keyword phrases. We specially fine-tune your pages to exactly match the criteria of the biggest search engines, giving them exactly what they look for in a top listing, based on the latest search engine intelligence. This is a very powerful formula! here's proof
Next, we submit your site to all of the major search engines manually. We then track each submission to make sure each engine picked up your site, and send you a detailed web site ranking report to show you exactly where you are positioned in the major engines.
We also help you with online marketing strategy. Search engines are only one part of all that we know about doing business on the Internet. We will pull out all the stops and share with you valuable tips and techniques that will increase your business's profitability, and make sure you avoid costly mistakes that cause others to lose time and money. You will receive direct advice, tested techniques, insider secrets, and honest feedback about your web site.

Will higher ranking increase my business too ?

It's impossible for us to predict a specific amount of traffic, as every site is different. For example, if your site offers products that have mass consumer appeal, and low competition, you will receive much more traffic than a site that has a limited niche with high competition.
It's also impossible to predict profitability. That depends on the demand for your product, your pricing, and your customer service. To succeed online your website must be attractive, easy to understand, and simple to navigate. We can only guarantee top ten ranking, the rest depends on the effectiveness of your online marketing.
We can say that in almost every case, our clients see a dramatic increase in traffic and sales as a result of our search engine placements. In fact, we have helped many clients become financially independent Will Link Exchange Programs really increase my link popularity and website ranking?

What about those who claim to "Submit your Web Site to Over 3500 Search Engines" ?

Not only are these "submitting only" services a waste of your money, but they can actually hurt your rankings!
These companies typically promise to submit your web site to literally thousands of search engines on a monthly schedule for a cost of anywhere between $10 to $149, with no money back guarantee of generating any top rankings. They will tell you that it's very important to resubmit each month, but the vast majority of these submitting companies are simply individuals who have purchased an automated website submission software for under $100.
They can't guarantee ranking because search engine submission is not enough. Only site optimization can improve your ranking. Submission of an un-optimized web site just doesn't work.
Monthly Re-Submission is a form of spam to search engines, so they often reject web sites submitted over and over this way. A few years ago this did have some merit, but now it can lead to your domain being flagged as spam. You should never resubmit to an engine unless your listing has dropped out of it's database.

How long does this take ? Will I see results right away ?

Each engine indexes at a different rate. As a general rule, you must allow at least 2 months before the engines will index your site. Some engines take longer, but before long there will be visitors arriving at your site from all directions.

What exactly is "WordTracker", and why is it so important ?

WordTracker is the best way to find the most effective keywords. You can enter a keyword, and it will give you lots more ideas for additional keywords related to your business. Plus it will tell you how many people actually search for those words, and how competitive those words are. more

Can I copy another site, or increase traffic by putting the same content on multiple domain names ?

NO! That would be one of the worst things you could possibly do! A few years ago you could simply point 10 domain names to the same website and they would all stack up on the same page of results for the same keywords.
This was a burden to the search engines, so now they use very sophisticated detection to filter out duplicate content. They examine all aspects of site structure, image names, and matching text. When too many of these areas match another web site it triggers a red-flag, and the site is penalized.
Beware of mirror sites, affiliate sites, or any other "cookie-cutter" web marketing service that promises big profits with little effort. Today's engines will remove or reject duplicate content, so this usually leads to failure. Duplicate content will sometimes stay in the index, but you'll rank among the last for most searches.
If you want to thrive on the web make sure your site has original and unique content. The only right way to get top search engine placement is to produce real content

Do your promotion packages include submission fees that the search engines charge for a listing ?

Our promotion packages do not include search engine submission fees. These fees are paid directly to each submission service. We are not affiliated with these services in any way.

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