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Articles >> On-Page Factors of Search Engine Optimization

All search engines look for information on the websites by comparing the content present on each of the websites with the terms in the search phrase. A number of factors should be checked carefully to see that your webpage turns up at the top position in the search results. These factors can be divided into On-page and Off-page SEO factors.

What are On-page factors?
On-page SEO factors include the major components of your webpage which have the capability of changing or making better your ranking in the search results. Most important of these factors is the content of the website. It should be relevant to the theme or products that your website is focusing on. Your website will not attract visitors unless it contains the right content.

There are some important components which must have close relationship with the content of your website. These are:

a) Keywords: The keywords used should be chosen carefully to grab the attention of the search engines. These keywords indicate the subject of your website and must be present in the domain name, sub-domain names, names of directories and files. The title of the webpage should also be search engine friendly.

b) Site map: When all the components on the website are linked properly, it makes things easy for the search engines to detect the content on your website. Every page on your website must be reachable in less than 3 clicks from your home page.

c) Meta tags: These tags are used to describe certain information on your website and have an ability to attract search engines’ interest.

d) Website age: Websites which fresh content seems to rank higher up these days. Hence, the content should be kept fresh and also relevant to the topic.

e) Outgoing links: In some cases, providing links to sites containing relevant information can also increase the popularity of your webpage.

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