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Articles >> Off-Page Factors of Search Engine Optimization

SEO must be done in two different aspects to increase the search engines’ fondness to it. While one of these aspects relates to On-page Optimization, the other relates to Off-page optimization. The latter is as important as the former, and probably even more important than it.

Many people just optimize the content on their website by using on-page search engnie optimization techniques and expect the ranking of their website in the search results to increase. However, there is a problem here. In order to attain a higher ranking just on foundation of good content can be a tedious task. It will require a regular monitoring of the results and constant change of content to make it search engine friendly.

Hence, another task should also be implemented along with On-page optimization to obtain complete success from your efforts. This task aims at optimizing the Off-page SEO factors.

What are Off-page SEO factors?
Off-page SEO factors include all those components which are not present on your webpage, but still have the ability to control the ranking of your website in the search engines.

The main off-page SEO factor is origin of links from other websites to your webpage. In other words, it is the number of incoming links to your website that determines its ranking on the search engine. 

If a greater number of websites connect to your webpage through the links present there, the search engines automatically bestow a higher rank to your page. This method is particularly effective when the content of your website is similar or related to the content of the websites on which the link originated.

The best method would be to post articles with link to your website on directories hosting similar information. You can also participate in forums and blogs based on similar themes can leave your remarks which contain link to your website in your signature.

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